2011 Year In Review

December 31st, 2011

2011 was a year for change. I made the jump from developing AAA console games to developing browser based social games. I helped ship Indiana Jones Adventure World which was picked as the #3 social game of 2011 by Gamasutra, the #5 recommended game by facebook, and one of the 5 Best Games on Facebook by Kotaku.

Prior to Adventure World, I spent a few weeks on my own developing a version of Connect 4 using html5, javascript, python, google app engine, and facebook. I dubbed it Connected 4 - the idea being that the player is settling a debt to "connected" mobsters by playing the game. It included both single player with AI and async multiplayer with your facebook friends. As a game, it was a failure. Single player quickly got boring and there wasn't enough depth or choice in a multiplayer turn. However, I learned a lot about technologies and languages that were new to me and shipped a game on my own, which were my main goals for the project. Overall it was a personal success.

In the year ahead I'm looking forward to even more programming, writing, and most importantly, shipping!